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Parking Regulations

This page is intended to help drivers and/or owners of vehicles to have a better understanding of some of the parking regulations and procedures of the Village of St. Bernard.  As a driver or owner of a vehicle or property it is ultimately your responsibility to adhere to all parking regulations. Not knowing of a regulation does not excuse a person from responsibility. This page lists the most common restrictions. When in doubt, call for information.

Remember, village streets belong to everyone, we receive many calls because someone is parked in front of their residence. We can’t do anything about this type of call. However, please try to be a good neighbor and if you have a driveway use it and leave the street parking for those that don't have off street parking. If you can park in an alternate spot to help a neighbor that is also appreciated. If the vehicle is parked for more than 48 hours and not moved we can address that situation with the overtime parking ordinance.

Parking Enforcement
In the Vilalge of St. Bernard, parking regulations are enforced and tickets are only issued by police officers.

The fine for most parking violations is $70. If not paid by the set court date, warrants will be issued for the violators arrest. Violation of handicap parking is $250. Failure to pay a parking ticket may result in SUSPENSION of your operator’s license.

Signs and Markings
Watch carefully for signs and markings that prohibit or restrict parking. Check up and down the street several car lengths because signs can’t be everywhere.

Don’t park:
  • Against sign restrictions
  • In yellow painted curb areas
  • Across parking stall lines
  • In excess of time limits 

Permission to “Illegally Park”
You may contact the police department to request temporary permission to park in violation of restrictions for disabled vehicles and/or special circumstances. This will often be granted for short periods if the vehicle does not create a hazard. You must call for permission right away, tickets will not be excused after the fact!

Excusing a Parking Ticket

If you feel that you received a parking ticket in error, you may contact the police department with your questions. In general however, the police department will not excuse a parking ticket. Common excuses include: I didn’t see the sign – I wasn’t aware of the restrictions – I had car trouble – I was in a hurry – I couldn’t find another spot – I didn’t have time to call for permission – I’ve parked in that spot for years – etc. These will not result in a ticket being excused.

Contesting a Parking Ticket in Court
You have the right to contest a parking ticket. Cases are heard in the St. Bernard Mayor’s Court before a Magistrate. To contest a ticket, simply show in court on the date listed on your citation. Court costs of $40 will be added which must be paid at the time of court if you are found guilty of the violation. A parking ticket is an allegation that the vehicle was parked in violation of the law.


Handicapped Parking
The Village of St. Bernard supports the American with Disabilities Act. Handicapped parking is marked both by signs and marked stalls in the municipal lots and we have signs on residential streets for handicapped residents. Please observe these signs to assist our elderly and disabled citizens. This area will be strictly enforced!

Oversize Vehicles
No person will park any vehicle wider than 7’ or longer than 18’ on any residential street unless it is providing a bona fide service to a resident. There is no overnight parking of semi’s unless prior approval has been granted. This is a serious safety issue because these vehicle block the view of the roadway especially near intersections.

Overtime Parking Restrictions
You can not leave a car parked on the street for more than 48 hours. If we receive a call on this type of violation we will mark the tires, issue a citation, then tow the vehicle so it takes several days to accomplish this. If after 48 hours a car hasn't move give us a call. Try not to abuse this violation to get back at a neighbor who has parked in front of your house, the streets belong to everyone.

Municipal Parking Lots and Time Restrictions
Check for sign listings in Village lots and in the Vine Street business district for specific time limits. In addition to large full lot signs, smaller signs may restrict individual stalls. Overtime or beyond the period of legal parking established is prohibited. You can only park in a marked space; parking across any line or marking or taking up more than one space is prohibited. Unless there is an emergency, washing, greasing, or repairing a vehicle is prohibited. Any junk vehicle or vehicle not licensed is prohibited.

Private Property
You may not park on private property without permission. This includes apartment or condominium parking lots.

Public or Private Lawn Areas
You may not park on any lawn area not designated for parking (your own lawn included)

Fire Lanes
You may not park in posted fire lanes. This is a serious safety hazard and will be    strictly enforced.

Unregistered Vehicles
No person shall park or store any vehicle which is not licensed. These vehicles will be considered junk vehicles and will be towed at the owners expense. Likewise, you can’t store these vehicles in the open on your property. If you have a car that you are not going to license it must be under cover off the street, either in a garage or covered with a tarp etc.

Unattended Vehicles
Do not leave your vehicle running and unattended. This is a parking violation and is a common way of auto thefts. It only takes a few seconds. Also, if an officer finds a vehicle parked where the it constitutes an obstruction to traffic the vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Vehicles for Sale – Maintenance
No person shall park a vehicle in any residential district for the principal purpose of: displaying such vehicle for sale, conducting engine overhauls, major repairs, sanding, painting, body work.
Other Prohibited Parking Places
-On a sidewalk, curb
-In front of a public or private driveway
-Within an intersection
-On a crosswalk
-Within 20’ of a crosswalk
-Within 10’ of a fire hydrant
-Within 50’ of railroad crossing
-Across from fire station or within 20’ of it’s entrance
-On any expressway
If you have any questions, call 242-2727 and ask to speak to a Supervisor. We serve the community of St. Bernard proudly!