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Crime Alerts and Block Watch

Be Informed - Keep Us Informed - Be Safe - Together we can stop criminals!

Don’t become a victim and don’t be afraid to call us. Together we can stop criminals and solve community problems. If you see something strange or just out of the norm going on, give us a call to respond or leave a crime tip on our anonymous crime tip line at    860-7233. We have solved many crimes due to phone calls from concerned citizens. If it looks out of place trust your instinct and call.

Crime Tips – Do leave cars unlocked…..Don’t leave valuables in cars…..Don’t leave ID documents (SSCard, Birth certificates etc.) in your purses/wallets etc.

Please be alert for scams - never send anyone money with promises of checks/products/lotteries/free product etc. 

Please be aware of crimes of opportunities - don't leave valuables visible and unattended in cars/trucks etc., don't leave bikes out, etc. Also, the weather has changed, historically we have increased bike thefts, noise complaints, parking complaints, juvenile complaints. Do what you can to protect yourselves.

If you are on vacation we can do house checks, just call the PD.

If you have an alarm system we can now connect you to the PD and monitor it for you free of charge. Contact the Crime Prevention Officer Derek Setters for an inspection.

If you have any information on open investigations call the PD at 513-242-2727 or the anonymous crime tip line at 860-SAFE (7233).

Crime Prevention Links:

Get involved - St. Bernard Block Watch Association
meets the 3rd Tues of each month at 6:30 PM at City Hall. They go out and conduct crime prevention sweeps, conduct informative meetings about crime preventions and many other activities. Come out and join your neighbors in keeping our community safe.

Sex Offender Registration and notification law  (Added 2/18/2008)
The Ohio Attorney General recently announced an expansion in the Ohio Sex Offender Registration and notification law. The voluntary program sends automatic email messages to inform citizens when a registered sex offender has moved into their neighborhood. Residents interested in e-mail notification can go to the Attorney Generals website or the county sheriff’s web site and register. See related links below: