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St. Bernard Police Department
4200 Vine Street
St. Bernard, OH 45217

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Message from the Chief of Police

We are proud to present the St. Bernard Police Department's web site.

Our agency is comprised of 17 sworn Police Officers and 5 Civilian Employees with a diverse background in law enforcement and a strong sense of pride and dedication to their duty. I am very proud of each of our employees.

Serving since 1878, we reaffirm our commitment to help make St. Bernard a safe place to live and raise our children. Through continuing effort, we will strive to provide progressive and professional law enforcement services to the citizens of St. Bernard.

These Web pages are intended to familiarize our citizens and visitors with the organization of our agency and some of the programs which we offer. Likewise, we have provided various links and phone contacts that we hope will benefit you.

Please take some time to browse and feel free to leave us your comments and suggestions.

Sincerely Yours,

Steve Moeller

Chief of Police